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Tony McStea has worked in the intellectual property field for over 50 years in Australia and Switzerland. He has led the patents departments of a number of companies who are world leaders in their fields.

Academic qualifications:

B.Sc. (Honours) in Chemistry (Queen's University, Belfast)
Graduate Diploma in Applied Polymer Science (Caulfield Institute of Technology, now Caulfield Campus, Monash University, Melbourne)

Professional qualifications:

Australian Patent Attorney
Australian Trade Mark Attorney
European Patent Attorney
New Zealand Patent Attorney

Swiss Patentanwalt

Swiss Markenanwalt

Professional associations:

Fellow of the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia
Member, European Patent Institute
British Overseas Member, Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys

Technical fields:

Air fresheners (compositions and devices)
Agricultural chemicals (herbicides, fungicides)
Animal health products
Ceramics compositions, processes and uses
Chemistry (general)
Construction industry (concrete and cement and additives, tunnelling and concrete spraying equipment)
Dyestuffs, auxiliaries and dyeing processes
Explosives (compositions and ancillaries (primers, detonators, machinery)
Flavours and fragrances (compositions, end-uses and processing, encapsulation technologies)
Food technology
Materials science
Mechanical devices and processes
Medical devices
Mining technology
Optoelectronic devices
Paper-making products
Polymer science; plastics (compositions and processing, including equipment)
Surface coatings (automotive, industrial, decorative)



"The Origin of Specis" (a patents booklet for non-patent people)
"To Mark It, to Mark It"(a trade marks booklet for non-trade marks people)
"Intelligent Design"(a guide to registered designs and design patents)

"Some famous trade marks" (and the stories behind them)