hat in the world is Teemacs?



A company providing services and advice in the field of intellectual property. These include:

- drafting of patent applications for new inventions and obtaining patents for them;
- obtaining registration of trade mark and design applications;
- advice on all matters pertaining to intellectual property.

What is intellectual property?

Property that resides in ideas and concepts, rather than in physical objects. It can be bought and sold, like any other property. The principal categories are:


These cover inventions usually in technical fields, such as chemical, mechanical, electrical. Some few countries, such as the USA, allow non-technical subject matter, such as business methods. Patents last for 20 years from the date of application. Some countries also offer a cheaper utility model/petty patent (German Gebrauchsmuster), which doesn’t last so long (typically 10 years).

Trade marks:

These protect words and symbols used on goods and services in the course of trade. They last forever (if properly cared for) and are renewable every 10 years.

Designs (US design patents):

These protect the shape of, or ornament on, commercially-manufactured articles. Length of protection varies from country to country but 25 years is the maximum.


This protects works of literary or artistic merit. “Literary or artistic merit” is interpreted very broadly – it includes blueprints, house plans and design drawings. Unlike the other forms of intellectual property previously mentioned, copyright is not a monopoly right (anyone coming up with exactly the same thing independently does not infringe). No registration or fees are necessary – copyright automatically exists in a work from the moment of its creation. It exists for the life of the author and expires on 31st December of the 70th year from his/her death.